I facilitate philosophy discussions where people try to make sense of the world together. 

Thinking through dialogue

Many understand philosophy as a rare and solitary activity. Philosophers, it seems, are useless intellectuals who think about issues no-one cares about. But what if philosophy can be a social and absorbing activity for all?

These discussions animate participants to grapple with issues on their own terms. As a facilitator, I instigate debate and elicit reasons and explanations from participants through careful questioning. 


Participants are engaged in active, collaborative learning through games, group activities, and small and large group discussions.

Participants develop their intellectual, emotional and social skills.


Participants improve their:

  • Independent thinking skills;

  • Ability to listen carefully;

  • Ability to express their ideas.

Participants learn to:

  • Engage respectfully with one another's perspectives;

  • Reflect on their own ideas and behaviour, and how the group is interacting as a whole. 


Doing philosophy can look like this...


Philosophy in schools often looks like this:



I am interested in working in schools, with organisations, and with any group of people who may benefit from this approach, including (but not limited to) people in prison, homeless people, and people with mental illnesses. 

I am also interested in collaborating with artists and storytellers to help participants understand themselves and the world through a dynamic interplay between bodily and sensory experiences and verbal dialogue. See blog post for more information:

As a published philosopher who would like to pursue public engagement, I welcome commissions for articles. To see my past work, you can view my research.

Contact me if you are interested in philosophy discussions, collaborating, or commissioning writing. I am keen to collaborate, develop projects and apply for funding. CV provided on request.


About me


 I have previously worked as a supply teaching and nursery assistant throughout London and currently do woodwork with people with learning disabilities. I am also the Arts and Communities Liaison for OPEN-Scotland

As an undergraduate, I studied 'Cognitive Neuroscience', while my postgraduate qualifications combined philosophical argument with evidence from neuroscience and psychology.  

I also work with wood, stencils, spray paint, camera, pens and pencils. Most of the images on this site are my own.



2019               Finding Collaboration in Conflict, trained by Navigate.

2018               Sapere Philosophy for Children training.


2017               Specialist Philosophy Teacher, Level 1 Accredited, trained by The Philosophy Foundation.


2015               Community of Philosophical Inquiry, trained by the University of Edinburgh.



Once pupils got the hang of it, it was amazing hearing what they came up with... It really helped both classes with their listening and speaking skills.”

Teacher at Carrongrange High School for Students with Additional Support Needs. 

"Rosa provided an excellent opportunity for philosophical enquiry... Rosa showed a high level of skill and engagement with the pupils and was able to successfully deliver high quality learning and teaching on various philosophical issues."

RMPS teacher at Broughton High School