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Project | 01
Climate Justice, Film and Philosophy

Collaborating with Take One Action!, I led discussions on political and environmental topics in response to public viewings of 'This Changes Everything' and 'Fractured Lands'. Image from:

Project | 02
Wondering together: Pianodrome Philosophy

I facilitated two discussions for mixed ages, exploring feelings and ideas related to the Pianodrome. The first discussion was held during an exhibition at Inverleith House, the second was within the Pianodrome, installed at the Royal Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

Project | 03
Creation Stories​

I co-designed and co-delivered a series of lessons at Portobello High School on Creation Stories, forming part of the Religious Moral Philosophical Studies curriculum. Arts and crafts activities were interspersed with philosophical discussions.

Project | 04
Philosophy in Schools - Ongoing

I have run series of discussions in Portobello, Carrongrange, & Broughton High Schools, and James Gillespies Primary School. I've also worked at Canal View and Sciennes Primary school. Students are encouraged to explore their own and others' ideas and critically assess beliefs and arguments.

Project | 05
Philosophy in the Community

I facilitated a series of sessions with adult learners at South Side Community Centre. At Open Door Café, I worked with a group of men who aged 70+, and I've also led a session at Polwarth Canal Shed, a community hub.

Project | 06
Philosophy in Prisons

I facilitated five philosophy discussion with women at Cornton Vale prison. In interviews held after the course, participants were incredibly positive. They cherished their improved reasoning skills, and had enjoyed the opportunity to listen to others, and understand different perspectives. 

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